Training for my Second Marathon ... I must be nuts.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Welcome Back

Hello? Anyone there? It has been well over a year (almost 2 years) since I last posted something to this blog. The reason behind it was a big change happened. We moved. So moving, starting over in a new place, and training for a marathon didn't all fit into my schedule. Now that we are a little more settled I've been able to buckle down and train again. Its been slow going, but I've been relatively consistent running 2-3 miles twice a week. However, for me to get seious, I'll have to run at least 3 times a week and increase my miles to really get ready. I'm working towards a 10K in June, hopefully another marathon this fall and ... the Tough Mudder in September. That's right, a Tough Mudder. In case you are not sure of what a Tough Mudder is, this website has all the information you need:

Yes, I might be crazy, but it should be fun! I guess fun depends on your definition. Well, I look to update this more fequently as this running season goes along. For now, gotta run.

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